If you’re looking to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on your mobile, you’ll need to find the best crypto app with the lowest fees. However, with so many around these days, finding your perfect app isn’t always straightforward.

To help you out, this guide reviews the top 5 crypto trading apps in 2022, looking at all the key metrics you need to know before downloading a crypto app for your iPhone or Android device.

The Top 5 Best Crypto Apps for 2022

For a quick overview of the best crypto apps in the market right now, consider the providers outlined below

  1. eToro – Overall Best Crypto App for 2022
  2. Aqru – Best Cryptocurrency App for Earning Interest
  3. Crypto.com – One of the Best Apps to Buy Crypto With a Debit Card
  4. Coinbase – Top Crypto Wallet App for Beginners
  5. Binance – Great Crypto Alert App for Real-Time Trading

We review the above crypto apps in great detail in the sections below with most offering the best metaverse coins in 2022.

The Best Crypto Trading Apps Reviewed

In compiling this list of the best crypto apps for 2022, we looked at fees, regulation, customer service, user-friendliness, and more.

Be sure to read our reviews in full to ensure you choose the best crypto app for your requirements.

1. eToro – Overall Best Crypto Trading App for 2022

etoro review

We found that overall, eToro is the best crypto app for 2022. This provider is regulated by the SEC as well as with the FCA in the UK, ASIC in Australia, and CySEC in Cyprus. This means that you can trade cryptocurrency safely on your cell phone without worrying about the security of your funds. In terms of supported markets, eToro is home to over 50 cryptocurrencies. This means you can buy Sandbox, Ethereum Classic and other new altcoins with the click of a button and low fees.

Additionally, with such a wide range of supported cryptos you can gain exposure to the best DeFi coins in 2022.

This includes everything from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS to XRP, Cardano, and AAVE. You’ll also be pleased to learn you can buy Dogecoin on eToro with low fees. You can trade any supported crypto market on the eToro app on a spread-only basis. This starts from just 0.75%, which is very competitive. We like that US clients can deposit funds at a minimum of just $10. No fees are charged on deposits in US dollars and supported payment methods include debit and credit cards, ACH, bank wires, PayPal, Skrill, and more.

Additionally, the minimum crypto trade requirement on the eToro app is just $10. We also like eToro for its passive investment tools. This includes a copy trading feature where you can mirror the crypto investments of a seasoned day trader. You can also invest in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies and this is managed by the eToro team themselves. In terms of user-friendliness, this is where the eToro crypto app really stands out.

The app is easy to use and requires no prior investment experience. And, the app has been fully optimized for iOS and Android devices. Another point to note about the eToro app is that it also supports other asset classes. In addition to forex, commodities, indices, and ETFs – you’ll also have access to thousands of US and foreign stocks. Finally, if you like the sound of eToro, you can get started on the app in less than five minutes from start to finish.

Number of Cryptos 56
Fee Structure Zero Transaction Fees + Spread
Fee to Buy Bitcoin 0.75%
Minimum Deposit $10

What We Like:

  • Over 50 cryptocurrencies to trade
  • Minimum position size only $10
  • Regulated by the FCA, ASIC, CySEC, FinCEN, and FINRA
  • Accepts PayPal deposits
  • Free crypto wallet app

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

2. Aqru – Best Cryptocurrency App for Earning Interest

Aqru is somewhat different from other crypto apps we have reviewed so far, not least because it doesn’t specialize in trading services. Instead, Aqru is the best crypto app in the market for earning interest. Put simply, in depositing your Bitcoin or Ethereum tokens into the secure Aqru app, you will be paid a super-attractive APY of 7%.

Unlike other crypto savings accounts in this marketplace, Aqru does not require you to agree to a minimum redemption period. This means that you can withdraw your digital tokens at any given time without being financially penalized. Moreover, there is no requirement to stake any tokens to get the 7% rate on offer. If you’re looking to earn an even higher yield, you might also consider depositing a stablecoin like Tether or USDC into the Aqru app.

aqru app review

In doing so, you will be paid an APY of 12% per year. In choosing stablecoins and other volatile digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you don’t need to worry about ever-changing exchange rates. Another reason that we like the Aqru crypto app is that the provider also supports fiat deposits in GBP and EUR. This means that you can still benefit from its attractive crypto savings accounts even if you are not currently in possession of any digital tokens. Did you know that AQRU is one of the best yield farming crypto platforms?

In terms of user-friendliness, the Aqru mobile app – which is available to download free of charge from Google Play or the App Store, is perfect for beginners. There is no requirement to have any technical knowledge of how digital currencies work, as the app guides you through the interest-earning process step-by-step. And finally, as a subsidiary of Accru Finance Ltd. (UK), this top-rated crypto app is required to comply with KYC regulations – meaning all customers are verified.

Number of Cryptos 5
Fee Structure Zero Fees (third-party payment processing fees may apply)
Fee to Buy Bitcoin Zero fees from Aqru; 4.5% payment processing fee from MoonPay
Minimum Deposit $100

What We Like:

  • Earn up to 12% interest on crypto deposits
  • Can buy BTC, ETH, DAI, USDT, and USDC via MoonPay
  • No lock-up period
  • Interest calculated daily
  • Free to download on iOS and Android

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

3. Crypto.com – One of the Best Apps to Buy Crypto With a Debit Card

crypto.com logo

If you’re looking to buy Bitcoin and other digital currencies with a debit card, Crypto.com is one of the best crypto apps for this purpose. In downloading the Crypto.com app – which is available on both iOS and Android devices, you will have access to over 250+ digital assets. And, you can instantly buy any of these supported markets with Visa or MasterCard at a fee of 2.99%.

You will, however, first need to open an account and go through a quick KYC process – which requires you to take a photo of your government-issued ID via the app. Crucially, with so many supported markets, Crypto.com is also one of the best crypto apps for creating a diversified portfolio. In addition to debit cards, the Crypto.com app also supports bank transfers and offers a Crypto.com credit card. In terms of standard trading commissions, this crypto app provider operates a maker/taker fee system.

crypto.com app review

As a market taker, you will be charged 0.40% when you place a buy order and again when you cash out. This works out at just $4 for every $1,000 traded. And, if you find yourself trading regularly on the Crypto.com app, lower commissions are available. Another core feature of the Crypto.com app is that you can put your idle digital assets into a savings account. In doing so, you will be paid a rate of interest – which not only depends on the token but also the lock-up period.

We should also note that Crypto.com is behind one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market – CRO. This token can be used to reduce your trading commissions and increase yields when depositing funds in your Crypto.com savings account. We also like Crypto.com for its user-friendly interface. And as such, in using the Crypto.com app to buy and sell digital currencies, you don’t need to have any prior trading experience.

Number of Cryptos 250+
Fee Structure Instant buy via card = 2.99%

Crypto.com Exchange = 0.4% maker/taker fee

Fee to Buy Bitcoin 2.99% for instant buy; 0.4% via Crypto.com exchange platform
Minimum Deposit $20 for ACH transfers; $5,000 for wire transfers

What We Like:

  • Over 250 cryptos to trade
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Can buy crypto instantly using card
  • Can reduce maker/taker fees by paying in CRO

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

4. Coinbase – Top Crypto Wallet App for Beginners

We found that Coinbase is arguably one of the best crypto apps for those with little to no experience in investing in digital assets. In fact, those who are looking to buy cryptocurrency via a mobile app for the very first time will often choose Coinbase, and the entire investment process is guided step-by-step. For instance, once you download the Coinbase app to your device, you will be asked to register an account.

Next, you will be asked to complete the KYC process, which requires you to take a picture of your passport or driver’s license with your cell phone camera. Then, you will be asked which cryptocurrency you would like to buy and what payment method to use for this purpose. For an instance purchase, consider using a debit/credit card or Paypal. In doing so, the transaction will be processed straight away, albeit, at a rather expensive fee of 3.99%.

coinbase app review

If you’re happy to wait 1-3 working days for your cryptocurrency investment to go through, using ACH will reduce your investment fee to 1.49%. Regarding the cryptocurrencies you can buy on the Coinbase app, most top-25 digital tokens in terms of market capitalization are supported – with the obvious exception of XRP and BNB. Across dozens of other markets, you will also find a good range of ERC-20 tokens and even DeFi (decentralized finance) coins. 

In downloading the Coinbase crypto app to your phone, you will benefit from a wide range of security tools. For instance, not only will you be required to enter your chosen PIN, but two-factor authentication will need to be passed via a code that is sent to your phone via SMS. Cold storage is another crucial safeguard offered by Coinbase, with the platform. keeping 98% of client funds offline. And finally, Coinbase also allows you to lock withdrawal requests for 48 hours for enhanced security. 

Number of Cryptos 100+
Fee Structure Transaction Fee + Spread
Fee to Buy Bitcoin Transaction fee based on payment method/volume + 0.5% spread
Minimum Deposit No minimum deposit stated

What We Like:

  • Beginner-friendly mobile app
  • Can purchase crypto using PayPal
  • Free Coinbase Wallet app
  • Keeps majority of customer holdings in cold storage

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

5. Binance – Great Crypto Alert App for Real-Time Trading

binance logo

The final option to consider from our list of the best crypto apps for 2022 is Binance. This crypto app is best suited for those of you that are looking to buy and sell digital assets actively. The reason for this is threefold. First, Binance offers over 1,000 trading markets across a wide variety of crypto assets – so if you spot an investment opportunity, there is a good chance you’ll find it on the app.

Second, Binance offers incredibly low trading commissions. The most you will pay is 0.10% per slide, so that’s $10 for every $1,000 traded. But, active traders and those holding BNB tokens will be eligible for even more competitive rates. Third, Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange for volume and liquidity. And as such, when you trade via the Binance crypto app, you’ll never struggle to enter and exit a position at a favorable price.

binance app review

With that being said, we should make it clear that Binance is more suited for intermediate and advanced traders. If you fall within this category, you will appreciate the availability of trading tools and features. This includes dozens of charting and technical indicators,  alongside customized order types. An additional feature that seasoned traders will like in the Binance app is access to leveraged products.  These are available as crypto derivatives across spot markets, futures, and even options. With such an array of cryptos to choose from, you can buy Terra Luna and many other popular Bitcoin alternatives via the Binance exchange right now. 

In terms of getting started with the Binance app, this will depend on your location. For instance, Americans need to use the dedicated US version of the app. Nevertheless, you can fund your newly created Binance account with a debit or credit card after uploading some ID. US clients pay 4.5% plus a 0.5% buy order fee when using Visa or MasterCard. ACH and domestic bank wire transfers come without fees, but transaction times can take 1-3 working days.   

Number of Cryptos 500+
Fee Structure Binance Exchange = 0.1% maker/taker fee

Instant Buy = 4.5%

Fee to Buy Bitcoin 0.1% on Binance Exchange; 4.5% for Instant Buy
Minimum Deposit No minimum deposit threshold

What We Like:

  • Wide range of markets to trade
  • Low trading fees
  • Extensive charting options
  • Can reduce trading fees by paying in BNB

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

Top Crypto Apps Compared

For an overview of the five best crypto apps reviewed above, check out the comparison table below.

Wallet Tradable Coins Fee Structure Debit/Credit Card Fee
eToro 43, plus 500+ convertible pairs Free, Spread-Only on Trades FREE for US clients, otherwise 0.5%
Crypto.com 250+ 0.4% commission 2.99%
Aqru Crypto savings accounts on 5 tokens No fees on savings accounts N/A
Coinbase 50+ 1.49% commission 3.99%
Binance 1,000 markets + (60+ for US clients) 0.10% commission 4.5% + 0.5% for US clients

How to Choose the Best Crypto App for You

In order to narrow down our research findings to just five of the best crypto apps for 2022 – we focused on a selection of core areas.

In addition to regulation and supported markets, we also considered what fees and commissions the crypto app charges, and whether or not you’ll have access to trading tools.

If you’re still not sure which crypto app is best for you, consider the factors discussed below.


The most important thing to consider in your search for the best crypto app is whether or not the provider is regulated. For example, as we mentioned in our eToro review, this crypto app provider is regulated on multiple fronts.

This includes a license issued by the SEC, FCA, ASIC, and CySEC. This means that when you deposit funds into the eToro crypto app, you can be sure that your capital is safe.

However, we also came across crypto apps that operate without a license. In choosing such a provider, you can never be 100% sure that your money is secure

Supported Markets

Some crypto apps will allow you to trade a large number of digital currencies, while others focus on a select few.

For example, Binance offers over 1,000 cryptocurrency markets across a variety of projects. eToro is also great for diversification purposes, as the platform offers dozens of digital assets.

best crypto app 2022

It’s best to choose a crypto app that offers plenty of access to plenty of different markets because you will be able to create a diverse portfolio with ease.

This means that if you spot a potential profit-making opportunity and your chosen crypto app supports the token, you won’t have any issues making an investment


When it comes to fees, you need to check a variety of charges before opening an account with your chosen crypto app.

This covers trading commissions, deposits, withdrawal, spreads, and more.

Let’s explore these fees in more detail in the sections below:

Trading Commissions

Many crypto trading apps will charge you a commission when you buy a digital currency. You also need to pay commission when you cash out your position.

Commissions can vary wildly between crypto app providers. For example, Coinbase will charge you 1.49% per slide.
Binance is very competitive at just 0.1% per slide. eToro is also competitive, as the broker offers a spread-only pricing model.

It’s crucial that irrespective of which crypto app you decide to sign up with, you won’t be overcharged to place trading orders.
The reason for this is that high trading fees will eat into your potential profit margin.

Deposit Fees

You might need to pay deposit fees when you add funds to your crypto trading app. This can also depend on the payment method that you choose.

For example, we found that crypto apps normally charge between 3-5% if you wish to deposit funds with Visa or MasterCard.
To give you an idea. Binance charges US clients 4.5% and Coinbase requires 3.99%.

etoro fees

It goes without saying that this is expensive, especially when you consider that eToro charges no deposit fees on debit or credit cards when the payment is made in US dollars.

Moreover, eToro charges no deposit fees when you use an e-wallet such as PayPal or Neteller, ACH, or a bank wire


This fee is more difficult to understand, as many crypto apps do not display it. For those unaware, the spread is the difference in percentage terms between the bid and ask price of the digital currency that you are looking to trade.

For example, if the spread amounts to 0.9%, this means that you are paying a premium of 0.9% to access the market.
And as such, you need to make gains of at least 0.9% on this particular trade to make a profit.


It can be difficult to trade cryptocurrencies on your smartphone, not least because you will be viewing a screen that is much smaller than a conventional laptop or desktop computer.

Therefore, it is important that your chosen crypto app offers a smooth and easy-on-the-eye trading experience. This can be achieved if the app has been fully optimized for your operating system.

The best way to assess is via a demo account facility – if this is something offered by the crypto app. This means that you can place orders, perform research, analyze pricing charts, and more without risking any money.

And, when you are confident that the crypto trading app is right for you, you can then proceed to open an account.

Tools and Features

When researching the best crypto apps for 2022, top-rated providers like eToro, Crypto.com, and Coinbase offer a number of useful tools and features. This will allow you to make the most of the crypto app, as trading opportunities can be found at the click of a button.

The best feature that we came across was the eToro copy trading tool. This tool enables you to trade in a passive manner as you will be mirroring the positions of an experienced investor. Any position that the investor enters will be copied in your own portfolio.

etoro copy trading app

If you are looking for super-advanced trading tools, then you might consider Binance. This is because the Binance app offers everything from technical indicators and charting tools to TradingView integration.

Customer Service

The best crypto apps allow you to contact a member of the support team in real-time. For example, some of the providers we came across offer a live chat facility.

This allows you to have a conversation with the customer service department without needing to send an email or pick up the phone. As an added bonus, we like crypto apps that offer customer service around the clock on a 24/7 basis.

Best App for HODLing

In cryptocurrency jargon, ‘HODLing’ is a play on the word ‘holding’. And as such, to ‘HODL’ means to invest in a digital currency and hold onto your tokens in the long term.

In other words, you will be engaging in a  buy and hold strategy that will see you hold onto your tokens for at least a year – but perhaps longer.

Now, if you are a long-term cryptocurrency investor, it makes complete sense to keep your tokens in an app that allows you to earn interest. In doing so, not only will you receive regular income payments, but you will still benefit if and when the market value of your cryptocurrency increases.

As per our comprehensive research process, we found that the best crypto apps for HODLing are Crypto.com and Aqru. The reason for this is that both apps offer attractive interest rates via a safe and secure ecosystem.

Best Crypto Interest App

As noted in the above section, the best crypto interest apps are Crypto.com and Aqru. If you’re not sure which app is right for your long-term interest-earning requirements, consider the following:

  • If you’re looking to earn interest on Bitcoin or Ethereum, then Aqru is arguably the best crypto app for this purpose. This is because the platform offers an APY of 7% with no minimum lock-up period.
  • If, however, you’re looking to earn interest on stablecoins like the Gemini Dollar, Tether, or USDC – then Crypto.com might more suitable. This is because stablecoins yield up to 14%.

With that being said, it might be wise to consider a diversified approach in your search for the best crypto interest app. And as such, a more risk-averse idea might be to allocate your funds equally between Crypto.com and Aqru.

Best Crypto Staking App

Another way that the best crypto apps allow you to earn interest on your digital asset holdings is via staking.

  • This will see you lock your tokens away for a certain number of days or weeks.
  • In doing so, your tokens will contribute to the respective blockchain network for the purpose of validating transactions.
  • And, for as long as your tokens are engaged in staking, the respective crypto app will pay you a rate of interest.

We found that the best crypto staking apps in the market right now are for this purpose are eToro, Aqru, and Crypto.com. As noted in our reviews, all three of these crypto apps offer a user-friendly and safe investment experience.

Best Crypto App for Altcoins

Diversification is a crucial aspect of being a successful long-term digital asset investor, so if you’re looking for the best crypto app for altcoins, consider eToro. In doing so, you will have access to 40+ leading cryptocurrencies with various growth potentialities.

In fact, in choosing eToro, you can create a diverse basket of digital currencies at a minimum investment of just $10 per token. And, the app only charges you the spread to buy and sell crypto assets – so you won’t get hammered by fees.

If, however, you find that the eToro app does not support your preferred digital currency, you might consider Crypto.com. This crypto app is home to over 250 digital assets and commissions amount to just 0.40% per slide.

Best Crypto Wallet App

Make no mistake about it – when you invest in cryptocurrencies, you also need to think about how you intend on keeping your digital tokens safe.

After all, this industry is attractive to remote hackers that would like nothing better than to gain access to your hard-earned crypto assets. With this in mind, if you’re looking for the best crypto wallet app for safety, we would suggest considering eToro.

Best Crypto Wallet App

This crypto app provider offers a secure wallet facility that is regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. And, as the wallet connects to your main eToro account, you will still have access to trading and exchange services.

The eToro crypto wallet app is suitable for both beginners and seasoned pros alike – and the provider offers a recovery service in the event you lose your private keys.

Crypto Price Alert Apps

Price alerts are absolutely fundamental if you are planning to actively buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This is because you will be notified the very instant that an important price-related event occurs.

For example, when you download the eToro crypto app, you can set up price alerts on tokens you have already invested in or simply wish to keep an eye on.

  • You can set a specific price alert in dollar terms – for instance, when Bitcoin hits $62,500.
  • Or, you can set your price alert in percentage terms – for example, if Ethereum goes up or down by 5%.

Either way, when one of your price alerts is triggered, a notification will pop up on the device that the eToro crypto app is installed on.

How to Use a Crypto Trading App

Now we will walk you through the process of getting started with the best crypto app for 2022 – eToro. From start to finish, it will take you just five minutes to register an account, download the app, make a deposit, and place your first crypto trade.

Step 1: Open an Account

The first step is to visit the eToro website on your mobile device or laptop to open an account. This will require you to provide eToro with some personal information.

etoro review

Your email address, cell phone number, and chosen username/password will also need to be entered. The latter will be used to log into the eToro app after you have installed it on your phone.

Step 2: Download eToro App

Next, download the eToro app and log in with your newly created username and password.

Step 3: Verification

Once you log in to your eToro account, the app will ask you to complete a verification process.

The two documents required are:

  • A document that validates your country of residency – such as a bank statement or electricity bill.
  • A document that validates your identity – such as a driver’s license or passport.

Both of the above documents can be uploaded via your smartphone by taking a picture with your device’s camera. Or, you can upload your documents in PDF format.

Step 4: Deposit 

Now that your eToro account has been verified, you can make a deposit. When doing this through the app, you can deposit funds instantly with a debit or credit card, as well as Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill.

etoro deposit methods

The minimum deposit is just $10 and US clients will not be charged any funding fees.

Step 5: Search for Crypto 

At this stage of our step-by-step walkthrough, you should have a verified and funded eToro account. If so, you can now use the search bar to find the digital asset that you wish to buy.

In our example above, we are searching for ‘Shiba Inu’. Once you find your chosen digital currency, click ‘Trade’.

Step 6: Buy Crypto  

In the ‘Amount’ box, let eToro know how much money you want to invest in your chosen cryptocurrency.

The minimum is just $10 per trade, which is what we have specified in the above example. Then, to place your crypto order, click on the ‘Open Trade’ button.

And that’s it – you’ve just bought crypto on the eToro app on a spread-only basis.


By opening an account with a top-rated crypto app, you can buy and sell digital assets while on the move. The best crypto app in the market for 2022 – as per our research findings, is offered by the SEC-regulated broker eToro.

The eToro app not only gives you access to 40+ leading cryptocurrencies in a user-friendly and secure manner, but you will only be charged the spread to trade. You can buy crypto on the eToro app right now from just $10 – and USD deposits incur no fees.

etoro review

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

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