If you’re looking to invest in NFTs, it’s a good idea to gain an understanding of the most significant drops that are scheduled in the near future. This knowledge will ensure you’re primed and ready to buy popular NFTs before all editions are sold – providing scope to obtain a high-value asset.

This guide will present a detailed NFT calendar for the weeks and months ahead to streamline the investment process, highlighting the top drops and showing you how to buy NFTs today – with low fees!

NFT Calendar for 2022

For investors wondering how to buy an NFT, the first step should be gaining a broad overview of the main NFT drops to look out for in the weeks and months ahead.

With that in mind, the NFT calendar below presents a comprehensive breakdown of the most anticipated new NFT projects for 2022 – ensuring you’re primed to invest when they go live.

Drop Date NFT Drop NFT Type Blockchain
15/03/2022 Meta Mutants Club Art Ethereum
15/03/2022 Frog Factory Art Cardano
15/03/2022 The 8 Ways Art Solana
15/03/2022 RareOne Art Ethereum
16/03/2022 Boom Babies Art Ethereum
17/03/2022 Reddish Pandas Art Cardano
18/03/2022 The Rigers Club Art Solana
18/03/2022 Meta Mansions Virtual Real Estate Ethereum
18/03/2022 NekoCore Art Ethereum
20/03/2022 WeAreSad Art Cardano
20/03/2022 Sol Motors Club Art Solana
20/03/2022 Foot Heroes Club Art Ethereum
22/03/2022 Elfprincess Club Art Ethereum
23/03/2022 AdRunner Art Ethereum
24/03/2022 Amakuni – The Metaverse Art Binance Smart Chain
24/03/2022 MetAliens VR Club Art Cardano
27/03/2022 Embers Art Ethereum
30/03/2022 Pionauts Art Ethereum
30/03/2022 Meta Estate Moguls Art Ethereum
31/03/2022 Elementhers Art Solana
31/03/2022 Rebels of Wealth Art Ethereum
01/04/2022 Modern Poker Club Art/Gaming Ethereum
01/04/2022 Elderly Elephants Art Ethereum
02/04/2022 Aliens of Malaya Art Binance Smart Chain
04/04/2022 Sol Shamans Art Polygon
05/04/2022 Gazoomia Art Solana
07/04/2022 Monster Battle League Art/Gaming Solana
10/04/2022 Bored Games Art Ethereum
16/04/2022 StargateDAO Art Solana
22/04/2022 Weeblewibs CNFT Art Cardano
30/04/2022 Space Cadets Art Ethereum

A Closer Look at the Best Upcoming NFT Drops

As you can see from the NFT calendar above, there is an abundance of exciting NFT drops to look forward to in the weeks ahead. The best upcoming NFT drops are reviewed below, ensuring you’ve got all the information you need to invest effectively:

1. Lucky Block – Platinum Rollers Club Collection

We’ve determined through extensive research and analysis that the Platinum Rollers Club collection from Lucky Block looks set to be one of the most sought-after NFT drops this year. This collection will comprise 10,000 unique NFTs, all of which will act as an ‘entry ticket’ into Lucky Block’s daily NFT prize draws. Given that the prize pools for these draws will equal 2% of the main draw’s jackpot, this will give NFT holders a chance every day to win a windfall of around $10,000!

Each NFT in the collection can be minted for $1,500 and are hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. However, through Lucky Block’s bridge to the Ethereum network, NFT holders can drastically expand the potential audience of collectors interested in purchasing their NFTs in the secondary market. Notably, a 10% royalty payment will be given to initial holders of each NFT when they are resold – providing a clear path to generate a passive income stream.

Lucky Block NFT collection

The hype around this NFT collection is remarkable, given that there are over 43,000 LBLOCK holders already. This strong community backing will likely see the collection sell out in a relatively short space of time since the NFTs themselves could see exponential value growth in the weeks and months ahead.

Finally, the fact that LBLOCK’s listing on PancakeSwap in January 2022 was followed by 50x price increases in just a few weeks is a testament to the Lucky Block platform’s potential. With the Platinum Rollers Club collection set to drop in the next week, joining the Lucky Block Telegram group is the best way to stay up-to-date and make sure that you don’t miss out when the NFTs go live.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

2. Meta Triads

Another of the best NFT drops to look out for in the weeks ahead is Meta Triads. Meta Triads is a highly-anticipated collection of 10,000 NFTs that looks to combine fashion and the metaverse. The development team behind the project are experienced in creating tech startups, with the Meta Triads drop already valued at over $5,000,000.

Meta triads NFTs

These NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain and will go on sale in early March. Aside from owning a unique collectible, NFT holders will also generate a passive income stream from the Meta Triads marketplace, which looks to offer a medium for apparel brands to present their clothing items. Looking ahead, the Meta Triads team are also aiming to integrate their NFTs into super-popular blockchain games, such as Decentraland and The Sandbox – meaning this upcoming drop could be one of the most exciting events in the NFT calendar.

3. AdRunner

Another of the best NFT drops to consider is the AdRunner collection. This collection will comprise 10,000 NFTs, which will enable the development team to launch their DeFi advertising platform. This platform will allow advertisers to run ads within the metaverse by using ‘AdBoxes’ – which are similar to interactive billboards.

AdRunner NFT collection

The great thing about owning an AdRunner NFT is that a share of the advertising profits will be distributed to each NFT owner. These profits will be denominated in $ADR, AdRunner’s native transactional token. Ultimately, these AdRunner NFTs will provide scope for a passive income stream to be generated, along with potential value increases for the NFT itself – meaning this collection is not to be missed.

4. Embers

Embers is an anticipated drop containing 5,555 Ethereum-based NFTs. The NFTs are digital art that depicts flame-based 2D characters made up of over 150 traits. Within the collection are some Embers that have unique characteristics and which will naturally be more valuable than others.

Embers NFT drop

The Embers drop is one of the most eagerly anticipated drops on our list, with over 56,000 members on the official Embers Discord channel. Although the art itself is an excellent feature, owning Embers NFTs will also other exciting benefits, such as staking opportunities, giveaways, airdrops, collaborations, and more. The Embers collection is set to go on public sale on March 27th via a Dutch Auction, with the price range set between 0.15 ETH and 0.3 ETH.

5. Meta Mansions

Meta Mansions is an exciting NFT drop that provides owners with a digital mansion inside the KEYS metaverse. With the pre-sale launching in mid-March, Meta Mansions looks to leverage the popularity of virtual worlds whilst providing NFT owners with access to an exclusive community. The collection comprises 8,888 tokens, with the virtual world built on the Unreal Engine.

meta mansions NFTs

The ultimate goal of the Meta Mansions team is to provide a pathway for owners of these virtual mansions to generate passive income. This could be through ‘renting’ the virtual real estate to other users or even providing space for advertisers. Finally, Meta Mansions will even offer a marketplace where users can buy furniture, vehicles, and other virtual items to customize their property.

6. Moondusa

The Moondusa launch is another exciting event to add to your NFT drop calendar, scheduled for March 9th. This is one of the top Solana NFT drops to watch out for and will consist of 8,888 Moondusa NFT characters. These characters are all designed by the famous digital artist ‘Self33’ and will be available on the Magic Eden marketplace.

moondusa nfts

Alongside owning a unique piece of digital art, NFT holders will also gain access to various exclusive events, such as NFT airdrops, staking, VIP parties, signed artwork, and more. Each Moondusa will have a start price of 0.07 ETH (0.69 SOL), making them affordable to casual NFT investors. Due to the design of the art and the various characteristics of its aesthetic, this drop can be compared to other prominent NFTs (such as Bored Ape Yacht Club), which have proved to be exceptionally popular with investors.

7. Elementhers

Elementhers is a collection of 9,999 NFTs hosted on the Solana blockchain. These NFTs are defined as ‘Elemental Guardians’ and feature unique artwork pieces that use 300 different traits. The Elementhers project will be launched to raise $1 million for charity, with a focus on improving the environment.

elementhers NFTS

The charity that Elementhers will be donating to is the GoodPlanetFoundation, which will use the funds in its endeavours. Aside from this, ten rare Elementhers are hidden within the upcoming drop, each accompanied by a 15 SOL gift for the owner. Finally, Elementhers even plans to offer monthly raffles, with 50 winners earning a jackpot of 20 SOL!

8. The Rigers Club

The Rigers Club is an upcoming NFT collection hosted on the Solana blockchain. The collection comprises 2,500 NFTs depicting ‘Rigers’ – unique artwork based on jungle animals. Each of the NFTs can be minted for 1.5 SOL, which equals approximately $122 at the time of writing. Interestingly, the Rigers Club team will refund a select few holders post-purchase – meaning there’s a chance that you could obtain a Rigers Club NFT for free.

The Rigers Club NFTs

Once the drop occurs, the Rigers Club will implement a ‘Ranking System’, where NFT holders can compete against each other. Holders who reach the top of the leaderboard will be rewarded with unique benefits, such as exclusive Discord roles. Finally, the Rigers Club roadmap also details plans for a DAO and a 3D metaverse in the future, highlighting the long-term prospects for this collection.

9. Space Cadets

Space Cadets is an Ethereum-based NFT drop scheduled to occur on April 30th. The drop will comprise of 10,000 ‘mutated astronaut’ NFTs, which will be available through OpenSea. Over 250 hand-drawn traits will be present, meaning specific Space Cadets will have a higher rarity than others. Furthermore, 2% of the daily ETH trading volume will be distributed back to Space Cadet owners.

space cadets nfts

This provides scope to earn a passive income stream, simply for owning the digital art. Looking ahead, the development team also have some exciting plans in the works for the NFT holders, including ‘cosmic events’ and companion collections. This NFT drop is one of the most sought-after on our list, with over 2,200 members in the Discord community and over 12,300 followers on Twitter.

10. Modern Poker Club

Rounding off our list of the best upcoming NFT drops is Modern Poker Club. As the name suggests, Modern Poker Club is a poker-based collection made up of 10,000 NFTs. The collection will be split into four factions, with each faction having a pre-defined number of ‘rare’ NFTs.

modern poker club NFTs

The aim of this NFT collection is to create an online play-to-earn (P2E) poker game called the ‘Pokerverse’. The Modern Poker Club team hopes to create a solid community that will attract a new generation of poker players through this game. There are also plans to host a reality poker show for NFT holders, which will offer the chance to win sizeable rewards.

How to Buy NFT Drops

Now that you’ve gained a solid overview of the significant NFT drops to look out for, let’s discuss the investment process. To buy NFTs, you’ll not only have to find the best NFT marketplace that offers your chosen asset – you’ll also have to purchase some cryptocurrency to facilitate your investment.

With that in mind, a three-step walkthrough is presented below, highlighting everything you need to do to make your NFT purchase today.

Step 1: Buy Crypto for NFTs on eToro

Firstly, you’ll need to purchase some cryptocurrency to facilitate your NFT purchase. Even if you’re interested in free NFT drops, there will still be some associated network fees to pay.

The cryptocurrency that you purchase will be directly related to the digital currency that the NFT is denominated in. For example, if the NFT is priced in ETH, you’ll need to purchase Ethereum.

The four quick steps below highlight how to buy cryptocurrency for NFTs with our recommended broker, eToro. We recommend eToro as the platform allows users to buy Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, Cardano, and more – providing an easy way to facilitate NFT purchases.

1 – Create an eToro Account

Proceed to eToro’s website and click the ‘Join Now’ button. Enter a valid email address and choose a username and a password for your trading account.

etoro sign up

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

2 – Verify Account

Since eToro is a heavily-regulated broker, you’ll need to verify yourself before trading. To do so, click ‘Complete Profile’ and complete the KYC checks. You’ll then have to upload proof of ID (passport or driver’s license) and proof of address (bank statement or utility bill).

3 – Deposit

Click ‘Deposit’ and enter the amount you’d like to fund your account with. In terms of payment methods, eToro accepts deposits via credit/debit card, bank transfer, and various e-wallets (including PayPal).

etoro deposit

4 – Buy Cryptocurrency

Type the name or ticker symbol of the cryptocurrency you’d like to buy into the search bar (e.g. ETH) and click ‘Trade’. An order box will then appear, much like the one below. Enter your position size (minimum $10) in this box and click ‘Open Trade’.

etoro buy ETH

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Step 2: Connect to an NFT Marketplace

Once you’ve purchased cryptocurrency, you’ll have to transfer it to a crypto wallet and connect to an NFT marketplace so that you can make your NFT purchase. The quick steps below will show you how to do so in minutes:

1 – Set Up a Crypto Wallet

First, you’ll need to set up a crypto and NFT wallet so that you can store your crypto holdings and your NFT post-purchase. Notably, the wallet must be compatible with the blockchain that the NFT is minted on. For example, if the NFT is based on Solana, you’ll need a wallet that can connect to the Solana blockchain.

open crypto wallet

There is an abundance of crypto wallets to choose from, although MetaMask is one of the most popular and is entirely free to use. You can easily set up a wallet by heading to the MetaMask website, clicking ‘Download’, and following the on-screen instructions.

2 – Transfer Holdings to Crypto Wallet

Next, you’ll need to transfer the crypto you purchased on eToro into your new crypto wallet. To do this, you’ll need to download ‘eToro Money’, eToro’s crypto wallet app, from the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, log in using your standard eToro credentials.

download eToro money

Following this, go to the ‘Portfolio’ section of your eToro dashboard and click on the crypto you’d like to send. Provide your crypto wallet’s public address, click ‘Send’, and eToro will deliver an SMS to your phone with a unique security code. Enter the code on your dashboard, click ‘Send’ again, and the crypto will be sent to your external crypto wallet.

3 – Create a Crypto.com Account

You can now proceed to connect to an NFT marketplace. We recommend using Crypto.com, as it is not only a candidate for the best crypto exchange, but it also has a fantastic NFT marketplace with a vast array of NFTs to invest in.

crypto.com sign up

Head over to the Crypto.com NFT marketplace homepage and click ‘Sign Up’. Enter your name and email address, then choose a username and a password for your account.

4 – Verify Crypto.com Account

Finally, before you’re able to make your NFT purchase, you’ll have to verify your Crypto.com NFT account. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • If you already have a Crypto.com trading account – You can verify your NFT account by simply clicking ‘Connect to App’ in your settings menu.
  • If you don’t have a Crypto.com trading account – You can verify yourself via SMS. Provide your mobile number in the settings menu, and you will receive a text with a unique code. Enter the code in the settings section to verify your account.

Step 3: Buy NFT Drops

Now that you’ve purchased crypto and set up your Crypto.com account, you’re all set to buy NFT drops. Detailed below are the two steps you need to take to make your NFT purchase:

1 – Browse NFT Drops

Head over to the ‘NFT Drops‘ section of the Crypto.com NFT marketplace, where you can see a preview of the top upcoming drops. By clicking on the NFT you’re interested in, Crypto.com will provide a breakdown of the creator and the drop details. You can even subscribe for email notifications of when the drop will go live so that you don’t miss it.

crypto.com NFT marketplace

2 – Buy NFTs

Once a drop goes live, you can click on the listing icon to be taken to the purchase page. NFTs will be listed for auction or a fixed price – with the latter allowing you to buy the NFT instantly by meeting the asking price.

crypto.com buy NFTs

Crypto.com allows users to buy NFTs with a credit/debit card or cryptocurrency. By opting for the latter, you can use the crypto you purchased in Step 1 by linking your crypto wallet to the Crypto.com NFT platform through Crypto Pay – the platform’s payment gateway.

Either way, once you’ve purchased the NFT, it will be transferred to the ‘Collectibles’ section of your Crypto.com account, where you can view it or send it to your crypto wallet. 

Your capital is at risk.

NFT Calendar – Conclusion

To summarise, this guide has presented a detailed NFT calendar covering the NFT drops this week, along with the significant drops in the months ahead. By reviewing this calendar regularly, you’ll have a clear understanding of the major events to add to your schedule – ensuring you’ve got a good chance of obtaining a high-value NFT.

The NFT drop we’re most excited about is the Lucky Block NFT collection – click the link below to find out more about these unmissable tokens!


lucky block logo

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.


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