If you are looking for a pair of nifty noise-canceling headphones to improve your listening experience, the Bose 700 UC Headphones with a USB adapter are for you.

The wireless Bose 700 UC Headphones are a great buy due to their premium efficient noise-canceling feature and comfortable feel. Its unparalleled audio quality and active noise cancellation (ANC) features make it a great choice for work and play.

So be it for weekly Google Meets or a quick game with your friends, try out the Bose 700 UC Headphones for the best experience.

Source: bose.com


The Bose 700 UC Headphones weigh 9 oz and come in a simple brown box with an amazingly minimalist brand design. It is stylish, lightweight, and has a sleek hi-tech feel to its overall look.

The headphone’s oval ear pads have a snug and comfortable fit to them. They feel easy to wear and use for hours on end. Unlike other branded headphones, Bose’s headset comes with a silicone-like headband cushion that feels cozy and can last longer than leather cushions.

Its headband is easily adjustable and can slide up and down with immaculate flexibility. So if your head needs a unique headband fit for the best comfort, Bose’s 700 UC might be for you.

When it comes to quick volume change, this headphone’s touch-pad can control the sound. Simply adjust the volume on the touchscreen on the stainless steel headset through a quick swipe.


The Bose 700 UC headphone comes with around 11 levels of noise-cancellation options (ANC.) You can choose between a comfortable ambient sound to complete surround silence. Therefore, you can adjust the headphone’s noise cancellation according to your liking.

It also comes with 8 microphones. Out of these, 6 actively cancel noise. 4 are for optimum noise cancellation and 2 more that work with both the features.

The headphone’s dual speakers also enhance the audio quality, making every sound clear and soothing with the right amount of bass. When it comes to Bose, the brand can compete with any professional-grade headset in the market.


There is no need to search for push buttons on the headset. Its fully touchscreen-based controls can help you play/pause your audio with just one tap. For music, it is a simple swipe on the right head-pad that can adjust your volume in one go.

You can also swipe the screen forward or backward to fast forward/rewind your music. Calls are easy to pick and leave all with one quick tap on the headset’s touchscreen.

The best part, you can customize the control shortcuts according to your needs. The Bose 700 UC Headphones offer 2 tap-&-hold functions, the battery level announcement, and the Amazon Alexa wake word.


The USB-A Dongle available with the Bose 700 UC helps connect the headphone to Windows PC. It is a necessary add-on for quick mobile phone and computer connectivity.

The quick dongle connectivity can help you digitally connect with your friends and your colleagues in a few seconds. You can make phone calls, listen to music, connect to video apps, all with the help of this dongle.

The pack also comes with a 3.5mm plug if you need wired connectivity with phones and laptops. The best part, both the dongle and the plug provide optimized access to Google Assistant, Google Meet, Zoom, Amazon Alexa, and more.


A quick 15-minute charge can help you with 3.5 hours of use on the Bose 700 UC Headphones. With just 2.5 hours of charging, you can use these headphones for the next 20 hours. All you need is a USB-C to USB-A cable to charge the headset.

So if you wish to charge it for a 2-hour morning jog, or long hours of music editing, Bose 700 UC provides the best results on all occasions.


You can be at a maximum 30 feet distance from your dongle-connected device when using the Bose 700 UC Headphones. The audio will start sounding more chopped and glitched if you move away further.

Therefore, you can be in a Zoom meeting while doing chores in the same room, thanks to the Bose 700 UC.


You can buy the Bose 700 UC Headphones at an MSRP of $449.95. If you are a seasoned audiophile looking for beyond-competitive audio quality, premium design, and multiple features in a headset, this device is a bang for a buck.


The Bose 700 UC headphone is for anyone who loves to work quietly in a chaotic environment. So if you are working from home, the airport, or a blaring work site, the headset can help you stay comfortable and efficient.

It helps to provide zero distraction during work and the best experience for music, audiobooks, and more. All in all, the Bose 700 UC Headphones are a worthy investment in terms of unparalleled comfort and high-quality audio.

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